The following recommendations apply where SCUBA equipment using compressed air or compressed oxygen will be utilized in filming. The term “Certified Diver” means a diver holding a current and valid certification card issued by a nationally or internationally recognized certification organization.

The finalization of an underwater location shall depend upon the safety and health conditions of the location as determined by supervisory film industry personnel, one of whom shall be a Certified Diver in consultation with the Director.

Any person using SCUBA equipment while filming or being filmed underwater shall be a Certified Diver, with the exception of players who are essential for an underwater close-up. When this exception arises, for safety reasons, these players shall be under the supervision of a currently Certified SCUBA instructor and shall have received sufficient instructions for the job at hand. The appropriate depth for safe filming, shall be determined by the Certified Instructor supervising the safety of the player or players. Players who are not Certified Divers shall not be required to work in depths in excess of ten (10) feet.

All safety divers shall be duly certified and when SCUBA is used, he or she shall be equipped with an alternate air supply, i.e., Octopus or bail out bottle, etc.

Any person performing a stunt where water safety is involved shall require properly equipped safety diver or divers.

Any person performing a stunt where the possibility of being trapped underwater exists shall have standby breathing equipment immediately available.

For dives below thirty (30) feet, each individual diver shall be concerned with following his or her decompression procedure as necessary and safety rules shall be available at appropriate departments and on the job-site.

a) – Any individual designated to log dives shall be a Certified Diver and shall be knowledgeable as to proper logging procedures.

b) – The company will determine the nearest location of a recompression chamber and methods of transportation to that chamber and notify all concerned persons.

c) – Functional recall system equipment shall be made available on site.

It shall be the responsibility of the company to ensure that any persons using re-breathing equipment or mixed gas systems will have been properly trained in the use of this equipment.

SCUBA tanks when transported to and from location will be secured in such a manner as to prevent them from rolling or allowing the valves to be struck by other objects.

When not in use, SCUBA tanks shall be equipped with valve covers and shall be stored in the shade.

Adequate medical oxygen (100% oxygen) and resuscitation equipment shall be available at all times when SCUBA equipment is in use. Do not use the air in the SCUBA tanks as it does not contain 100% oxygen.

No electrical power other than DC shall be used in the water or in a vicinity which could lead to contact with the water.