Pyrotechnic special effects are widely used in the film industry when explosions and fires are needed, and dealing with them is one of our specialties. We have all the necessary authorizations as per the Romanian law to use, manipulate, store and transport pyrotechnic materials and we know how to keep it safe on set, because yes, special safety regulations must be carefully taken into consideration when you think about explosives.

The types of pyrotechnic materials that are most commonly used are black powder , flash powder, flash paper, high explosives, simulating bullet hits (squibs), indoor and outdoor fireworks, electric matches, fuses, smoke pots. Live shows are another field where pyrotechnic effects are always welcome, on concerts or open-air events.

Most of the pyrotechnics are explosives, but not all explosives are pyrotechnics. There are of course different categories of pyrotechnics, depending on their strength. We work with all you can find on the civilian market and we know how to deal with them, keeping everything and everybody safe and providing the best effect you’ve seen.


Fire effects can be all over the place in film sets, creating real dramatic scenes – think about gas burners, torches and campfires, candles, lamps, bonfires, flickering flame effects, fire on walls, window or door flames etc. The range of them can vary greatly from small, average fires to burning down buildings. Fire effects made with propane gas burners, gasoline, kerosene, etc. are perfected with pyrotechnics, for greater and more spectacular views.

As good as they look, fire effects can be dangerous – fireman, fire trucks and ambulance and EMT must be standing by, the presence of stunt performers and protection clothing is almost always required, the location of the fire set can’t be left to hazard. It’s all up to the special effects team.