When you think about special effects, what do you need? Rain, snow, smoke, or maybe a big explosion, underwater shooting, engineering, mechanical effects, weapons? After more than 22 years in the film industry, we’ve been there, done that and still enjoy it. A lot. We can play with almost any special effect you can think of in a professional way, with a professional and dedicated team. Don’t let the “play” part get to you though – we do know how to keep it safe – safety is our main priority along with the job well done..

Dare us and count on us! We do films, commercials, videos, live shows, special effects equipment rentals and counseling. Special effects are cool and we know it, so look around and tell us what you want.

Pyrotechnic effects
Pyrotechnic special effects are widely used in the film industry when explosions and fires are needed, and dealing with them is one of our specialties.

Atmospheric effects
Atmospheric effects include a wide variety of meteorological facts like fog, haze, steam, snow, ice, water, rain, hale, smoke and wind.

Movie weapons
Movie weapons are very diverse, depending on the period of the film – there can be from knives, swords, daggers, bayonets, arrows to flintlocks, semiautomatic and automatic weapons.

Underwater effects
Almost all effects we do on land, we can do underwater with experienced and highly trained divers.

Other effects
Hydraulic and Pneumatic effects,flying and levitation, miniatures

Break Away And Chimical Effects

Chemical effects mean providing specific types of effects by combining various substances.